About The VLDA

Just words can change the world. Do you believe that? If so, perhaps you should consider joining the Voluntary Law Development Association (VLDA). This page will explain how.

The VLDA is not (at present) actually an association, incorporated or unincorporated, of any kind. It has no income and does not accept monetary contributions, and maintains no roster of membership. Properly speaking, the VLDA aspires to be a curated community of writers and reviewers, not unlike a wiki.

The purpose of the VLDA is to develop and promote laws for use by voluntary law societies, based on a set of universal legal axioms which can be found elsewhere on this blog. Such laws are anticipated to eventually develop into competing legal systems acclimated to different cultural and personal preferences. Many such anti-monopolistic systems might coexist and thrive within larger social ecosystems. Hopefully, voluntary law societies based on the principles of non-aggression and self-ownership will one day provide peace, justice and prosperity far superior to what is achievable under the monopolistic, coercive systems of the present day.  VLDA’s logo is a concept diagram showing voluntary law societies in the process of dissolving states.

Anyone can join the VLDA by contributing to this blog in a constructive way.  A contributing member is one who submits draft legal documents for publication at VLDA.ORG (this site).  Drafts may be submitted by email to info@vlda.org.  Please indicate the author to which your content should be attributed.  You may also provide supplemental information you would like us to publish, such as an author biography or a link back to a web address of your choosing, which will be included on our authors page.  Please do not send us any submissions that are not entirely your own.

Contributions will be reviewed and edited by one of our editors before publication.  If more than correction of obvious typographical errors is required, we will obtain the author’s permission for editorial changes before publishing.  We reserve the right to reject any content for publication, at our sole and absolute discretion.  No compensation will be paid for any submission.

All content on this site is available for republishing under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license, without any permission required. If you do republish content found here, we would appreciate a link back to http://www.vlda.org, but the only requirement is to provide attribution to the author and the Voluntary Law Development Association. By submitting drafts for publication here, you agree to these terms.