Our Contributing Authors

Jaech-JonathanJonny Stryder is the pen name for Jonathan Jaech, proud father and husband, currently a California bar-admitted attorney practicing in Los Angeles in the area of intellectual property, with a focus on patents.  In his day job, Jonny helps inventors and businesses develop, protect, and earn money from their innovations, creations and identities, using different legal systems around the world.  He hopes his service will benefit his clients and community by encouraging innovation, trade, social trust and prosperity.

Long prior to being a lawyer, Jonny wandered the U.S.A, and a few other places with a group of vagabonds for a good many years, owning little more than a change of clothes, a bible, and a backpack full of camping gear.  It was a time of great freedom that cemented in him the realization that we are all born to be free, and it takes little more than a small group of morally committed people to build a community that cultivates liberty.  Eventually, he re-entered “normal” society, got a job, got married, went to engineering school and registered libertarian because it was the only political party founded on the principle of non-aggression.  After graduating and working for an engineer for some years, he went to law school and acquired a license to practice law — despite opposing professional licensing for philosophical reasons.

Shortly after becoming a state-licensed lawyer, he became a father — an occupation both uniquely demanding and rewarding. Once his children became old enough to supervise themselves, and his life changed through a divorce and second marriage, he joined the Libertarian Party, finding many like-minded people and friends there and in other places reached through activism.  Since then he has run for Californian Attorney General, served as Southern Vice-Chair for the California Libertarian Party, and Treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County.

When not working or reading libertarian blogs and books, Jonny enjoys spending time with his family and friends, doing political and social activism, gardening, writing fiction, poetry and non-fiction, arts and crafts, and hiking.  info@vlda.org.