A Diagram Of Voluntary Law Societies In Process Of Dissolving States

The areas enclosed by heavy black lines represent territorially-based, traditional states. The black-and-white circles represent state citizens. The colored circles represent people who are members of voluntary law societies (VLSs); some are also state citizens. Each color represents a different VLS. Where a clear majority of citizens are VLS members, the state will begin an orderly dissolution – as represented by the dashed lines and partially enclosed areas.  In some places, the state does not exist at all and everybody belongs to a VLS of one type or another.  The diagram illustrates how VLSs can co-exist with traditional territorially-based states, as well as displace them.

The state boundaries form the letters VLDA – just in case you failed to notice.

Voluntary Law

Diagram of Vountary Law Societies In Process of Dissolving States


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